We Believe in the Power to Inspire

Our Story

What began in 1986 as JSAV, a family-founded company, and with the addition of BAV in 2019, INSPIRE has grown into a global organization. Serving as in-house technology partners with over 100 of the finest hotels and convention centers in the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, INSPIRE produces over 2,500 events a year.

Throughout the company’s three decade history, INSPIRE has prided ourselves on developing creative and individualized solutions for each of our clients. Always staying ahead of evolving technology, INSPIRE offers full-service and event production for small to large scale events for some of the world’s largest companies and organizations. We have always believed that inspirational events are the combination of an inspired workforce, advanced technology, unparalleled creativity, and exceptional customer service.

We’re more than just an AV Company. We’re a trusted partner. We strive to not just give our client’s the technology, but we strive to give them the human touch and let them feel that they can have confidence in our relationship and what we do and deliver their goal with excellence. Simply put – we aspire to inspire. That’s our core. That’s our identity. That’s our brand.
At INSPIRE, we bring our client’s vision to life. They are the center of all we do and the hero in our story.

We aspire to inspire.  It’s the commitment we make and the heart and soul of our brand.  It’s what the world can always expect from us.


We believe in the power to inspire by living our values every day by earning trust by treating every project as our own, striving to understand the true need and what success means to our clients.

We take pride in exceptional work. We strive to get things right the first time and exceed expectations.
We build trust within our team and with our partners by delivering engaging, creative, and safe events every time.
We live and work by acting with honor, doing the right thing even if it’s challenging. Be your best every day at INSPIRE!
Each team member applies their expertise and uses constructive communication to act as one cohesive unit.
Our people’s commitment to INSPIRE is what makes us stand out among the competition.
We seek great people, invest in their growth, and aim to build a team of long-tenured experts.
We seek new ideas and innovation. Our employees are life long learners at their craft.
We give our people tools to succeed and trust them to represent the high standards of INSPIRE with every interaction.