AT&T Technology Conference




INSPIRE’s experienced CAD Graphic Artists produce 3D Renders that give you a clear vision of a conceptual design.

The various stages of these INSPIRE 3D Scenic Renderings are examples of the detail and technical accuracy with which INSPIRE conceptualizes and executes an impactful theme for a client. We will learn your goals, your company message, and your brand personality. Our theme recommendations are not “off the rack” catchphrases, but customized, targeted messages that support your brand with style and substance.

Event Title

AT&T Technology Operations Conference with JSAV

Event Location

Hyatt Regency Dallas, March 2-23, 2017



Scope of Services

Live Video Production, Video Projection, Audio, Event Design, Scenic, Graphics, 3D Renderings, and Breakouts

Event Technology Highlights

15 x 47-Foot Curved Screens, 10 Foot Circle Screen, Christie Roadster Projectors, LED Curtain, Robo CAM Sony BRC-H700, Sony HXC/HSC 100 Cameras, Elation Moving Lights, Scenic included LED Orbs, LED Step Unit, 100 Hex Panels, Custom Graphics included for Scenic, 18 x 4-foot Tunnel Graphics, 24 x 4-foot Tunnel Graphics.

Creative Services